Treating Your Psoriatic Skin in the Sticky, Sweaty Summer

Warm and humid weather can often improve your psoriasis symptoms. But, humidity can also set off hidden triggers. So, how do you face the heat when living with psoriasis?

Stay Dry

Hot, humid days often mean a lot of sticky sweat, which can trigger unwanted symptoms. Try to pat dry your skin when it gets too clammy and always have a spare change of clothes on hand in case things get sweaty.

Protect Your Skin

Remember to wear sunscreen and resist the urge to overexpose your skin. If you’re nervous about revealing any signs of psoriasis, like spots or patches, wear a light shirt or cover-up. You can truthfully tell anyone who asks that you are simply protecting your skin!

Use MetaDerm®

MetaDerm is lightweight and easy to throw in a beach bag or picnic basket. Bring your MetaDerm Clear & Prevent Cream with you for touch-ups on the go. It’s made with a carefully formulated blend of natural therapeutic extracts with anti-inflammatory properties that helps your body reduce flare symptoms and calm inflammation. It’s steroid-free, so you can use as much as you want to treat flare symptoms and help promote flare-free skin all season. Plus, our plans are personalized to your unique skin needs. Simply take a short assessment and our Skin Science Team will help determine a personalized plan just for you.

While warmer weather might be great for your skin, it’s important to be aware of hidden triggers. In hotter months, people tend to crank up their air conditioning, which may dry out their skin. Also, the chlorine in pools can have a similar effect. Make sure to take care of your skin and keep it moisturized wherever you go.

From heat waves to humid days, summer can bring unwanted psoriasis triggers. By following these steps and caring for your skin with MetaDerm, you’ll be able to face the season. Get started with our short skin assessment and receive your personalized plan today!