Was I Born This Way? Psoriasis and Your Genes

What are the causes of psoriasis? Is it in your genes? Unfortunately, no one knows for sure. Scientists are still exploring what causes psoriasis and if it is hereditary. According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, 25 genetic variants that many believe are linked to one’s propensity for developing psoriasis or passing it on to their children have been identified. Scientists are confident that the skin condition is not contagious. But, that’s where the story ends, for now.

MetaDerm Psoriasis Treatment Really Works

Tired of trying psoriasis medication with little effect on your psoriasis symptoms? Don’t want the trade offs that come with steroids and other prescription drug ingredients? The MetaDerm Skin Health System is our best treatment for psoriasis and works with your body to promote long-term flare-free skin health through a safe and effective blend of 25 therapeutic botanicals. And, unlike other natural remedies for psoriasis, we have the results to prove it.

MetaDerm Earns the NPF Seal of Recognition Again

We're thrilled to share that for the second year in a row MetaDerm Heal & Prevent Cream has earned the National Psoriasis Foundation's (NPF) Seal of Recognition. The NPF is at the forefront of psoriasis care and research, and this seal highlights over-the-counter products that are proven to safely and effectively manage the symptoms of psoriasis.