Winter Skin Care Tips for Psoriasis

Winter is officially upon us! And, for many people living with psoriasis, that can mean more dry, itchy skin than usual. Today, we’ve rounded up our top winter skin care tips for psoriasis. Whether you need winter care for your face, arms or elsewhere, these dry skin tips are sure to help you prep for the chill.

1. Stay Hydrated

The cooler seasons often bring about drier air that can do a real number on your skin – even if you don’t have psoriasis. To help combat this, use a humidifier in your home to put some of that moisture back in the air. Wear layers and cover your skin to help protect it from dry air and chilly wind (and keep that moisture locked inside).

2. Moisturize Your Skin

As mentioned above, dry air can zap the moisture from your skin. A great way to keep it moisturized is by continuing your daily use of MetaDerm® products. Made with powerful, moisturizing anti-inflammatory ingredients, our Clear & Prevent Cream is a great way to dramatically restore skin health. We believe it’s the best face moisturizer for winter and works great across the rest of your body, too. You can apply it multiple times throughout the day to keep your skin feeling healthy and soft.

3. Know Your Triggers

Psoriasis triggers can happen throughout the year, but the chilly winter weather can often catch us off guard. Keep aware of how your skin is feeling and be proactive in taking care of it by sticking to MetaDerm. Consistent, twice-daily care can help prevent flares this season.

4. Use Your Support System

Got questions about your skin? Feeling a bit unprepared for winter? The MetaDerm support team is always available to answer questions and help you get the best care possible for your skin. Having a support system, like the one we provide, is key to long-term skin health. Feel free to reach out any time!

Winter may be here, but that doesn’t mean your skin is out of luck. By hydrating, moisturizing, understanding your skin and seeking help when needed, you can face the season with a smile. Want flare-free skin all winter long? Try MetaDerm!