Psoriasis can be tricky to tackle. Some days are fine, and other days can be uncomfortable or downright unbearable. Do you know what causes these bad skin days and how to treat them? Check out four common psoriasis symptom triggers and learn how the MetaDerm Skin Health System helps you keep your skin prepared for almost anything.

No. 1: Stress

Whether you’re working long hours, cramming for a big test or going through a major life event, stress can do some crazy things to your body – especially for those with psoriasis. While it can feel tough to keep your stress under control, you can help promote healthy during those tough times by sticking to your MetaDerm regimen. By applying MetaDerm frequently, you can help keep your skin feeling and looking more normal.

No. 2: Weather

Your psoriasis symptoms can take a hit when extreme weather comes around. Cold fronts and sticky weather can lead to skin flares. Keep an eye on the forecast, so you can prep your skin for whatever nature throws your way. Then, make sure to apply your MetaDerm (and apply often) if things look extra chilly or hot.

No. 3: Travel

Whether you’re traveling for business or booking a vacation to get away, exploring a new destination can mean new weather, new temperatures, new routines, and, often, new psoriasis flares. Make sure you pack your MetaDerm, so you can have safe, natural psoriasis relief when you need it.

No. 4: Change in Routine

You might not be traveling to Paris, prepping for a blizzard or stressing about a new job, but even the slightest change in your routine can have an impact on your skin, like using a new soap or detergent, wearing new clothing, or trying new bedsheets. That’s why it’s important to maintain a proper skin care routine. The MetaDerm Skin makes it easy by delivering to products you need when you need them. When you’re steady with your regimen, your skin will be steadier, too.

Everyone is different. One trigger might really throw off your skin, but not be that big of a deal for someone else. Throughout your journey, we provide tips and tricks to help you understand your body better. The more you understand, the more aware you’ll be of other triggers in your life that can possibly contribute to flares. We’re also available by phone or email to chat about any trigger issues you’re experiencing. Whatever your trigger, MetaDerm can help you be prepared and prevent flares in the future.

What triggers your psoriasis symptoms? What helps? Share your trigger stories below.