The Inside Scoop: Should I Use Psoriasis Cream or Spray?

Trying different psoriasis treatments or medications and finding what works best for you can be a long, frustrating process that raises more questions than answers. Should you use a cream? What’s the best product for plaque psoriasis? Or any other kind of psoriasis? What’s the difference between a lotion and a salve? Do I only need body wash on my really bad days?

At MetaDerm, we’ve created a system of safe, natural psoriasis treatments nearly every person experiencing psoriasis can use. The MetaDerm Skin Health System comes with a cream, body wash and scalp spray. Each product contains the same active ingredients, but has its own special characteristics to give you more normal, healthy, flare-free skin.

 Clean & Care Body Wash: Featuring a unique low-lather, nourishing formula that gently cleans skin without any drying or irritation, our moisturizing body wash is designed for psoriasis-prone skin.  For best skin health results, use this instead of your typical body wash or bar of soap. Click here to see a list of ingredients.

Heal & Prevent Cream: This nourishing cream helps restore your skin’s natural protective barrier to reduce damaging hyper-inflammation and recalibrate your skin’s alarm system so that it reacts more appropriately to triggers. Simply put, our Heal & Prevent Cream does what no other cream can. It effectively treats psoriasis symptoms and resolves stubborn flares while reducing hyper-inflammation and building resistance to future flares. Click here to see a list of ingredients.

Heal & Prevent Scalp Spray: Forget everything you think you know about scalp psoriasis care. This moisture-rich spray delivers MetaDerm’s unique 25 therapeutic botanicals to your scalp without leaving a greasy, smelly, sticky or tacky residue. Just spray, style and go. Click here to see a list of ingredients.

BONUS: You can mix and match your favorite products throughout the day for improved skin health. For example, use the body wash in your morning shower and then apply the cream whenever you’re feeling dry at work. For best results, use MetaDerm at least twice daily. Since MetaDerm is natural, you can use as much of it as you want as often as you want.

Altogether, these products are part of a natural, effective treatment system to make a lifetime of normal, flare-free skin possible for you.

How you do use MetaDerm? What’s your daily mix? Share with us below!