Every pregnancy is different, and for women living with psoriasis, their skin care regimens and treatment options during pregnancy will be just as unique.

Mothers-to-be should always consult with their health care providers for any treatments or applications, but here’s some helpful information about what you can expect with pregnancy and psoriasis management.

Is Psoriasis Hereditary?

Many women wonder if they will pass their psoriasis to their baby. There is no conclusive evidence that your child will have the skin condition, but because it is hereditary, it’s possible your child will inherit it along with other traits. It’s important to remember that while there are varying degrees and types of psoriasis, your child can learn good health habits and have a happy and healthy life.

Psoriasis Symptoms

Good news! It seems that some people experience fewer psoriasis symptoms during their pregnancy. But, like anything else with psoriasis, everyone is different, and that isn’t the rule. It’s important to keep your physician up to date on any changes in your skin throughout the pregnancy.

Psoriasis Medications

If you’re taking any psoriasis treatment medications, it’s a good idea to consult your physician prior to conception. Most doctors will recommend you stop taking your medicine or lower your dosage, which is very normal and shouldn’t cause too much concern. Topical steroids are not typically recommended for use during pregnancy, either, but your doctor will let you know what’s healthy for you and your baby.

The MetaDerm Skin Health System

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