For years, people living with psoriasis have resorted to complicated skin care regimens, overpriced prescriptions, ineffective homeopathic remedies, and medications with potentially harmful steroids or side effects. Many of these treatments are focused on short-term relief or don’t consider the long-term effects on your skin or your body.

Our founder and CEO, Mike Centola, has lived with autoimmune inflammatory disease for nearly 30 years and struggled to find anything that worked, but he knew people experiencing psoriasis deserve more. So, he made it our mission to find a better way.

MetaDerm Treats Psoriasis Differently

Combining passion and experience, our founders developed a revolutionary approach to treating psoriasis – and the result is changing the industry for the better. The MetaDerm Skin Health System uses the healing power of nature to help promote more normal skin for life. It’s a natural, effective and affordable solution that gives people with nearly all psoriasis types a better alternative to traditional treatment. No steroids. No synthetic drugs. No mess.

MetaDerm Delivers Treatment Differently

Many living with psoriasis are familiar with the side-effects from prescription medications or over-the-counter treatments that can impact day-to-day life. The MetaDerm Skin Health System was developed to provide a natural, affordable, safe solution without the use of synthetic drugs. MetaDerm circumvents normal channels to provide healing products without a prescription, treating psoriasis at its root. Through our simple service, you get this natural treatment delivered to your door every month. Plus, we provide ongoing support through emails, texts and one-on-one-coaching, so you’re never alone.

MetaDerm Sees Psoriasis Differently

There is no cure for psoriasis, but that doesn’t mean psoriasis should control your life. By focusing on what’s good for your skin and providing a daily, easy-to-use treatment that you can apply as often as you like, MetaDerm is helping care for those with psoriasis today, tomorrow and in the future.

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