How is MetaDerm® Different From Other Psoriasis Treatments?

Active Botanicals. Proven by Science. Focused on Longevity.

It’s hard to imagine effective alternatives to prescription medications, but MetaDerm has figured out how to treat psoriasis in a different way. While many psoriasis treatments contain steroids and pharmaceutical drugs, the team at MetaDerm developed an effective scalp spray and cream that use a unique combination of therapeutic botanicals to treat your psoriasis symptoms. And, with MetaDerm subscription skin care service, , you can have steroid-free psoriasis relief delivered to your door every month.

MetaDerm treatments contain a unique, therapeutic botanical blend that:

  • helps relieve psoriasis symptoms, like red, itchy, flaky skin
  • provides a safe, effective way to treat psoriasis symptoms using a steroid-free solution
  • delivers a daily regimen of preventative care to help promote a lifetime of more normal, flare-free skin.

If you want to replace a topical steroid you’re currently using with MetaDerm, please be aware that abruptly discontinuing steroids can cause a severe flare. Add MetaDerm to your current regimen and talk with your physician about safely tapering steroid use as your skin clears.

In addition to amazing products, we provide you with frequent tips, reminders and one-on-one coaching. That means that we’re just an email or phone call away when you need additional support to achieve lasting skin health.

We get that skin isn’t just something you live in. It’s something you live with in good times and bad. Designed as a daily, ongoing solution, MetaDerm is a continuous psoriasis skin care treatment that not only treats flares but also helps prevent futures ones.