Get the Facts About Steroid-free MetaDerm® Psoriasis Treatment

Many questions arise when people consider using natural psoriasis treatment options. Do they really work? Is it all a sham? MetaDerm is not only natural, it’s backed by science. We decided it’s time to talk about common myths you might have heard to help you understand MetaDerm better and get the help you and your skin deserve.

Fiction: MetaDerm isn’t really steroid-free.

Fact: Unlike prescription and over-the-counter psoriasis treatments, MetaDerm is free of steroids, parabens, and dyes, making it a safe and effective daily solution. Our unique formula is made up of 25 botanicals (stuff found in nature), and with minimum twice-daily usage, you can achieve meaningful results in three to four weeks and dramatic relief of your psoriasis symptoms in eight to 12 weeks. No steroids means you can use as much as you want as often as you want.

Fiction: Steroid-free psoriasis treatments aren’t effective.

Fact: MetaDerm is proven by science to be an effective, natural way to treat psoriasis symptoms. That’s right. According to 12-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, MetaDerm helps relieve red, itchy, flaky skin for a more normal, flare-free life.

Fiction: Steroids don’t matter.

Fact: Steroids do matter. While they can be helpful, steroids potentially can cause burning, stinging, red and even thinning skin when used too often. MetaDerm doesn’t have adverse side effects and can be used alone or as a complement to other skin care products. Take note: If you decide to stop using topical steroids, sudden withdrawal can result in flares. In this situation, consider adding MetaDerm to your current regimen and consult with your doctor to taper off steroids slowly for best results. With MetaDerm, you don’t have to worry about side effects. All you have to focus on is promoting more normal, healthy skin.

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