For those living with psoriasis, a regular skin care routine is not just a good habit. It is essential to keeping your symptoms at bay and your skin looking – and feeling – healthy.

The MetaDerm Skin Health System helps you get started by delivering our safe, natural psoriasis treatment to your door through our monthly subscription service. But, making MetaDerm part of your routine can be hard if you’ve never had a proper routine before. You can try calendars, reminders, sticky notes and Pavlovian mind games, but there is another, simpler trick to maintaining your skin care regimen: accountability.

It may sound silly to some, but having an accountability partner for your psoriasis treatment can help you stick to your plan and see more improvements in your skin health. To start, ask someone you trust and respect to support you on your journey to a lifetime of healthy, more normal skin. Next, determine some short- and long-term goals and ways your accountability partner can help you reach them. Do you need a quick text every day, weekly regroups over coffee, or a mix of both to make sure you’re applying your treatment regularly?

Remember, with regular, continued use of MetaDerm, the results you can expect to see will get better and better, so pick whatever works best for you, your buddy and your skin. Working together, you can start (and keep) a great MetaDerm skin care routine. For extra help, we provide one-on-one coaching and ongoing support to help you achieve lasting skin health throughout your journey. Reach out to us, so we can help!

How do you stick to your skin care regimen? Do you use an accountability partner? Share your tips and tricks below!