A Passion for Skin: Dr. Centola’s Psoriasis Story

"We’re completely changing the way people think about psoriasis care."

 – Mike Centola, Ph.D.

Today, we’re talking about our founder, Michael (Mike) Centola, Ph.D. Dr. Centola, Haus Bioceuticals co-founder, inflammatory disease expert and all-around passionate guy, has lived with an autoimmune inflammatory disease for more than 30 years. Faced with the usual challenges from prescription psoriasis medications, topical steroids and over-the-counter medication, he witnessed firsthand how a broken system can affect the everyday lives of people who suffer from chronic illnesses. That’s why he has dedicated his life to changing the way the world approaches psoriasis treatment.

“Fundamentally changing the way a disease is treated can fundamentally change people’s lives.”

– Mike Centola, Ph.D.

Dr. Centola began his career as an inflammatory biologist working for the National Institute of Health (NIH). There, he helped clone some of the first human disease genes in the inflammatory disease space – pretty cool, right? This project led to the development of diagnostic tests for rare diseases that helped other scientists understand them better and create novel therapies that dramatically improved outcomes for patients.

After his time with NIH, he moved to Oklahoma to found Crescendo Bioscience, where he began to learn more about herbal medicine through his friend and co-founder, Philip Alex, M.D., Ph.D. They focused specifically on a new anti-inflammatory herbal treatment from India that was showing incredible results. The treatment was so successful and so powerful that they decided to put it to rigorous clinical testing that’s not normally conducted for herbal remedies. And, it passed!

Empowered by these incredible results and the opportunities for those living with psoriasis, Dr. Centola co-founded Haus Bioceuticals, where he helped develop a revolutionary natural treatment alternative: MetaDerm®. By delivering a simple, all-natural treatment straight to your door without side effects or steroids, Dr. Centola and his colleagues are changing the way the world treats psoriasis. There is no psoriasis cure, yet. But, with a passion for people and creating effective, game-changing solutions, Dr. Centola’s contributions are sure to impact lives everywhere.

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