Topical Steroid Withdrawal: One Member’s Experience

Many MetaDerm members use our products because they are a steroid-free approach to clearing and preventing psoriasis and eczema flares. Some use topical steroids, but they have made the decision to move away from or use them less frequently. Unfortunately, if you discontinue a steroid abruptly, you may experience topical steroid withdrawal (TSW), which can result in a worsening of your current eczema or psoriasis flare. It may even result in a flare in a new area. Kristin, a MetaDerm member from Tulsa, OK, shared her experience with TSW on our Facebook page. Here’s what she had to say:

More than “Just Skin”: How Managing a Chronic Illness Can Help Improve Lives

"Nobody expects to be diagnosed with a chronic skin condition like psoriasis, which is such a serious autoimmune disease.” Todd Bello is a well-known psoriasis advocate, supporting thousands of people across the world through their own struggles with the chronic skin condition. He’s active across a wide network of social media platforms, offering advice, a listening ear, and at times, some much needed humor, to a community faced with serious symptoms that can change lives.

More than ‘Just Lotion’: Finding the Right Options for Psoriasis Care

That was the first time Ciena Rae Nelson had tried MetaDerm, and she still remembers the feeling years later. As a lifelong psoriasis sufferer, she’s passionate about educating others about the skin condition – and advocating for the psoriasis community.

Her journey as an actress, model, and psoriasis advocate has been full of twists and turns since she was first diagnosed as a child. It’s also been filled with a wide range of different medications – a story that’s all too familiar to many psoriasis patients.