Frequently Asked Questions

MetaDerm Overview

What is MetaDerm and how does the program work?

How does MetaDerm work?

Who is MetaDerm designed for?

I’ve tried everything, but nothing works. Why will MetaDerm be different?

MetaDerm is focused on psoriasis and eczema only. Do you plan to expand to other conditions?

Product Information

How is MetaDerm different from prescription treatments?

What types of products are available?

What are the ingredients in the products?

You reference “clinically proven”, can you tell me more about what that actually means?

Are MetaDerm products safe to use?

When will I see results with MetaDerm?

Is MetaDerm suitable for all ethnicities and skin types?

Product Usage

How do I use the MetaDerm products?

Can I use the MetaDerm if I am currently using prescription treatments?

Should I stop using my prescription treatment if I start using MetaDerm?

Can I use other skin and/or scalp care products while using MetaDerm?

Do I really need to use MetaDerm at least twice a day to get results?

Customer Care and Service

What type of customer support do you offer?

Where can I buy MetaDerm?

How often will MetaDerm be delivered?

Do I need a prescription to get MetaDerm? Is it covered by insurance?

Will there be enough products to last me a whole month?

What are your accepted payment methods?

I just ordered MetaDerm. What happens next? Will my credit card be charged?

When will my first shipment arrive? Will I be informed when my order ships?

Can I change or cancel my order?

Will I be able to change my products or shipment frequency?

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Will shipping costs be included in the subscription cost?

Can I get a sample?